I am an ACE Certified Health Coach, and and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I also hold a certification in Health Education from National Holistic Institute. I studied Psychology and Music Theory at Mills College in Oakland California, and Child Development and Adult Sexuality at Merritt College, also in Oakland.

I live in Oakland, California, with my husband Ken, and our two teenagers (as well as our three rescued pit bulls and one maltese mix). In a former life, I was a Co-founder of BADRAP, a nationally recognized pit bull breed education and rescue organization focused on educating animal welfare organizations on how to best serve pet owners and their pets in a media culture that seems to stack the deck against them. In 2000, I created the owner-training course still used by the organization to this day (even though I left my leadership position there when I became a mother), and helped form the policies the organization is built upon. My work with BADRAP helped me hone my communication and critical thinking skills, and broadened my perspective regarding media misrepresentation of social groups (namely, pit bull owners, not just the dogs!).

In the olden days, before the internet, I was a Riot Grrl and sang and played guitar in a punk(ish) band. I trace my feminist roots to those days, though my approach to changing the world has softened with age as I’ve learned to be less confrontational and more…collaborative.

You can email me at amber@bodyimagecoaching.com

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can look me up locally at the Downtown Oakland Y, or at Body Techniques in Alameda, CA, where I’m currently practicing massage therapy.

My mailing address is:

3542 Fruitvale Ave #107
Oakland, CA 94602

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