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My name is Amber Rogers, and I'm a new kind of Health and Fitness Coach. I don't give meal plans or prescribe specific workouts. I don't weigh or measure my clients' body parts. I rarely even work with aesthetic-based goals. I am one of the pioneers of the Body Positive Fitness movement, and one of the first Fitness Professionals with a large internet following to advocate a habit-based approach to health and fitness coaching.

In a nutshell: your body is not the problem. For most people, the real problem is body IMAGE. A body image formed by decades of conditioning at the hands of a culture bent on convincing you that you are flawed and unlovable the way you are, and that the only way to become lovable is to change the way you look. This couldn't be further from the truth though. You are lovable today, just as you are. And by changing the way you treat yourSELF - by stopping the self-loathing and abuse, and instead treating yourself with respect and self-care, you can begin to reverse years of self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviors.

In fact, the evidence is growing that shame and appearance-based approaches to fitness and health are actually counterproductive, and focusing on building self esteem NOW, today, leads to better long-term outcomes and greater client satisfaction.

My coaching is client-led. Because I've found that most people really do know what they need, they just need someone to help them organize their thoughts about it, lay out a systematic plan, or even just say 'hey - your thoughts and feelings here are valid, and the ideas you have are workable!'.

I prefer to address the day to day habits that make up the bulk of a person's time, rather than try to fixate on their body or an arbitrary set of numbers, because at the end of the day, those habits are what SHAPE that body and number set. I was one of the first people in the fitness industry advocating habit-based methods, and now they're popping up everywhere, so I think I must have been on to something. I'm also committed to body positive practices (and have not only earned certification as a Body Positive Fitness Allied Professional, I helped form the certification process!), so there's never any shame, guilt, punishment or restriction involved in my coaching. The actual scientific evidence supports body-positivity, too!

Keep reading to learn more about me and my coaching services.

Inspiring Weight Loss Stories Don't Make Good Coaches


Like many coaches, I have an inspiring weight loss story. I lost 80 pounds, reshaped my body and even reversed some health conditions! But none of those things qualify me to coach others in weight management or fitness. There are a million and one coaches out there using their weight loss stories to market their coaching services and products.

I want to put this front and center: losing weight does not qualify me, or ANYONE, to coach YOU in weight loss, fitness, or health.

Education and Experience Do

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I shared my personal weight loss story on my blog Go Kaleo, but when I realized that people were looking to me for leadership in losing weight, I understood I bore a responsibility to provide credible information to my readers, and to set an example for other coaches by being QUALIFIED to provide that leadership. I earned certifications in both Personal Training and Health Coaching right away, and continue to add to my education to this day, including certification as a Body Positive Fitness Allied Professional, certifications in DVRT Training and TRX Training, as well as in "Rethinking Food, Health and the Environment" from Teacher's College Columbia University. I took a continuing education course for Fitness Professionals in Treating Eating Disorders, which gave me the knowledge and perspective to work as a personal trainer in tandem with a client's Eating Disorder Treatment team. I also hold certifications as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator from the years previous to starting my blog.

But education was not enough, I wanted experience working with a wide variety of individuals. I chose to take a job with the YMCA of Downtown Oakland, a job that allows me to work with a much richer community of diverse individuals than working in a 'regular' gym would. I work with seniors and inner city teens. I work with people with disabilities and professional athletes (and sometimes those are the same person). I work with recent immigrants and fourth generation Oaklanders. And, I do everything from helping seniors with fall prevention to helping athletes achieve a body fat percentage goal.

Finally, for the last three years, I've run a massive diet-recovery Facebook group where I've had the honor of helping thousands of people work through body image issues and overcome disordered relationships with food. And I run a successful Group Coaching program with my coaching partner Sean Flanagan. It's called 'The Habit Project' and focuses on systematic behavior change. For years, I've focused on earning the REAL qualifications to help you achieve your weight management, body image, fitness and health goals: education and experience.

Take a look at my Coaching page to see my various offerings at different price points. My endeavor is to make my coaching accessible to anyone who needs it.


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